unikube auth

The authentication command group unites all subcommands for managing Unikube’s authentication process. Besides the standard login and logout commands, you can check your current authentication status by using status command. A valid login state is required for most of the unikube CLI commands.

unikube auth [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Authenticate with a Unikube host. The default login process is a Browser-based method. If you want to login without being redirected to the Browser, you can just specify the parameter -e for email and enable the direct login method. For a non-interactive login, you can provide -p along with the password.

unikube auth login [OPTIONS]


-e, --email <email>

Authentication email

-p, --password <password>

Authentication password


Log out of a Unikube host.

unikube auth logout [OPTIONS]


View authentication status.

unikube auth status [OPTIONS]


-t, --token

Show token information.