unikube orga

Every registered user can belong to one or multiple organisations and can get authorized for the projects of that organisation. This command group manages information about your organisations. You can see all organizations you belong to with the list command. It presents a tabular view of organisations with id and name. The info command can be used to get more detailed information about a particular organisation. This command displays the id, title and the optional description of the organisation. The organisation belongs to the group of selection commands, thus it gives three possible options:

  1. you can either manually enter the organization_id as an optional argument

  2. you can have a context already set with organization_id, then the info for the set organisation will be displayed

  3. if none of the above options is specified, you will be prompted with the selection of all possible organisations you have access to.

unikube orga [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Display further information of the selected organization.

unikube orga info [OPTIONS] [ORGANIZATION]



Optional argument


List all your organizations.

unikube orga list [OPTIONS]